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Kidzee Angels A-98, Shankar Garden, Vikaspuri, New Delhi

Kidzee, a part of the 'Zee Interactive Learning Systems Ltd' aims to help young minds grow and learn in an amicable environment resulting in their all-round development: physical, emotional, language, creative, aesthetic etc. A team of competent, trained and dedicated teachers introduce the child to the joys of learning through play. Their curriculum is structured keeping in mind the interests and abilities of students while making them an active participant in learning-totally interactive. The children are encouraged to help each other in all activities.

Jingle Bells A-9, Inderpuri, New Delhi

This four-storey building caters to all the requirements of an overall growth and development of the children. A very well-equipped play school with spacious classrooms, tailor-made furniture and installed cameras for constant supervision of the students, the school is designed on international standards. It has facilities like swimming pool, dining hall, skating rink, theme-based activity rooms, special bunkers. Teachers lay special emphasis on English p conversation and stage confidence as well as intellectual and personality development of the kids.

Innocent Nursery B-3/175, Janakpuri, New Delhi

Innocent Nursery, opened since 1980, is run by dynamic Sneh Nangia, who is Masters in English and PhD in music. A well known professional singer, Nangia is a firm believer in people's abilities and believes, "Anybody can achieve anything in life". She puts in rigorous work from 9 am to 12.30 pm at school to ensure "everything is done with love and nothing is forced on the children."Caring teachers pay individual attention to children, taking care and nurturing their six most essential skills in order to sharpen their minds and yet make learning fun.

Eden's Castle A-2 Block, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi

They want their children to be the kings and queens of this Eden's Castle. The first thing that strikes you about this school is the space as it is over 2000 sq ft of land. There is a lot of stress on physical endurance, so the children are allowed to make full use of the well- maintained lawns, the swimming pool, skating rink and a fun tunnel.The interiors are done up rather pleasantly in soothing colours, contrasting strikingly with the cartoon characters painted in vibrant reds and blues. A well-stocked library encourages the reading habit.

Daffodils School R-32, Inderpuri, New Delhi

Welcomed in by a soothing music reminiscent of Pied Piper, the school is built under the shed of flowering trees that seems to be a metaphor for the building founded by Poonam Kapil and family in 1991. The school stands for secular and ethical values to enlighten the children under the guidance of a highly educated and experienced principal. The methodology is Montessori system with Froebel method that includes progressive conversations, exposure to art, teaching through associations etc.

Design Career Accelerated Growth, Lifelong fame & wealth

Design Career Accelerated Growth, Lifelong fame & wealth

Children's Home, C-2/21, Janakpuri, New Delhi

In Children's Home, they say and believe,'We shape future'. Their ethos is to provide a car¬ing, safe and stimulating environment in which children can develop to their own full potential. They believe that if it is a planned and structured play, child will develop the skills, knowledge and attitude necessary for future successful learning. Keeping these in mind they hone various skills of children which will come to their use in the future. They encourage chil¬dren to take part in various competitions like that of TV ads, fancy dress, story telling and more.

Cherries 'n' Plums, 17-B, Bazar Marg, Old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi

With the focus of developing young children into good citizens and better human beings, the school puts more emphasis on the moral education of its students. From celebrating festivals to nature walks, the school does it all to make a child happy and comfortable. The Principal, Puja Pasricha, has provided all the modern facilities to the students that she feels she couldn't give to her own children. The school is run by a mother and daughter duo, and they believe in professionalism and put a lot of faith in their personal ideology, with a no commercial bent of mind.

Bloom School ER-7 & ER-39, Inderpuri, New Delhi

The first thing that you notice on entering the school is the minimal decor that it has. The walls only contain the art works of the students from charts to photographs to poems. Built in 256 square yards the school also has a basement for computer classes for kids above the age-group of five years. The principal, Neera Bhalla, believes in the overall development of the children. Activities such as Taekwondo classes, Jazz music, dance, yoga keep the young £ ones active through the day. Audio-visual aids help them learn new things in a fun and inno- 2. vative way.

V.S.P.K. Phulwari, BQ, NS-9, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi

V.S.P.K. Phulwari School is spread over a large area, having ample space for kids to run and move around. The school has a mini zoo, a splash pool, a traffic park, a small library and a multimedia room for the physical and mental development of the children. The school is well equipped with computers as the school strives to make their children tech-savvy. Students are taught to skate and are encouraged to participate in competitions. The school has also introduced a primary wing this year. Evening classes are held for kids to learn dancing and table tennis.

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