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Physics Class 11 - Chapter 4 question 30 to 32

Q4.30A fighter plane flying horizontally at an altitude of 1.5 km with speed 720 km/h passes directly overhead an anti-aircraft gun. At what angle from the vertical should the gun be fired for the shell with muzzle speed 600 ms-1 to hit the plane ? At what minimum altitude should the pilot fly the plane to avoid being hit ? (Take g = 10 m-2 )


Q4.31A cyclist is riding with a speed of 27 km/h. As he approaches a circular turn on the road of radius 80 m, he applies brakes and reduces his speed at the constant rate of
0.50 m/s every second. What is the magnitude and direction of the net acceleration of
the cyclist on the circular turn ?



Q4.32(a) Show that for a projectile the angle between the velocity and the x-axis as a function of time is given by

(b) Shows that the projection angle θ0 for a projectile launched from the origin is
given by

where the symbols have their usual meaning.


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